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As an employee at a designing marketing agency, crafting banners for diverse platforms, including social media, was an integral aspect of my role. While at Pounce, I didn’t produce a large number of banners; however, I was entrusted with the responsibility of working on two online campaigns for multiple clients.

12 Grains

I employed a distinctive approach by incorporating mid-journey stock images of people into my designs. This creative choice added a unique and captivating element to the banners, setting them apart from traditional approaches.


Bluecat, a security firm dedicated to safeguarding corporate clients’ platforms, places paramount importance on providing top-notch security solutions. I diligently adhered to Bluecats strict brand guidelines, skillfully incorporating their signature shapes and colors into the designs. This ensured that my creations resonated perfectly with the company’s identity and conveyed a strong sense of trust and professionalism to their clientele.

Project Details

The banner designs were skillfully crafted using both Illustrator and Figma, allowing for a seamless combination of creativity and precision. After completing the designs, they were presented to the client for approval, ensuring they aligned perfectly with their vision and requirements. Once approved, the banners were strategically placed on various social media platforms. The results were highly encouraging, with a notable increase in engagement observed and analyzed by the team at Pounce. The successful engagement ratio further validated the effectiveness of the design approach and the value of the security firm’s investment in marketing efforts.


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FIGMA Design, Logo Design, Typography, Graphic Design

Services Provided:

Strategy, User Experience Design


The end result..

The banner campaign enjoyed exceptional engagement across all social media platforms, demonstrating the effectiveness of the designs in capturing the audience’s attention and driving interaction. For me, it marked a significant milestone as it was my first venture into banner creation using new platforms in over a decade. The positive outcome was both gratifying and encouraging, reaffirming my passion for design and my ability to adapt to evolving technologies and trends in the industry. It also motivated me to explore further opportunities to innovate and excel in my role at the designing marketing agency.