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Saybeau, an exciting new cosmetic brand, emerged from the vision of a former colleague who entrusted me with spearheading its entire branding campaign, product design, and website development. This new vision is dedicated to introducing an inclusive line of sunscreen and after-hours beauty serums, targeting markets in Australia, parts of Europe, and India.

Inspired by the profound symbolism of the sun, I conceived the central idea for Saybeau’s brand identity, recognizing its representation of vitality and life. This concept seamlessly aligns with the essence of sunscreen products, offering an easily recognizable and resonant symbol. As the driving force behind the branding campaign, I aimed to capture the essence of sun-inspired vitality, infusing it into the conceptual designs for the logo and the entire product line. This creative direction not only establishes a distinctive brand identity for Saybeau but also conveys a powerful connection between the product and the enduring symbol of life.

For the Saybeau product range, comprising sunscreen, AM, and PM variants, I faced the challenge of differentiating them in a market saturated with predominantly white or pale yellow sunscreen packaging. To make Saybeau stand out on the shelf, I introduced a distinctive midday/afternoon sun gradient scheme. This innovative color palette not only breaks away from the industry norm but also aligns with the brand’s vitality concept. Although the designs presented are mock-ups sourced online for conceptualization purposes and not the final product, they effectively showcase the potential for Saybeau to command attention with a bold and visually striking presence on the retail shelf.

In response to the directive of creating a gender-neutral appeal for the AM range of Saybeau products, I strategically chose a palette of blue, yellow, and green. Seeking validation through market research, the audience overwhelmingly favored the color blue. Building upon this insight, I meticulously crafted a rich and inclusive design for the AM range, incorporating the chosen blue hue into a captivating gradient scheme. This thoughtful approach not only ensures gender neutrality but also aligns seamlessly with the overarching gradient concept, contributing to a cohesive and visually engaging packaging design for the Saybeau AM range.

Tailored exclusively for the feminine market, the Saybeau PM range features a carefully curated pink-orange color palette, a choice validated through positive feedback from a market research group. With a commitment to maintaining consistency in the overall brand aesthetic, I extended the gradient concept to the remaining products within the range. This cohesive design approach not only reflects the brand’s attentiveness to market preferences but also ensures a visually unified and appealing presence across the entire product lineup. The Saybeau PM range, with its harmonious blend of colors and gradient application, stands as a testament to thoughtful design catering to a specific target audience.

Project Details

In the initial stages of the project, while the products are undergoing development, I took the lead in crafting a comprehensive brand identity. This involved presenting the client with captivating conceptual designs for the logo and the entire product line. By seamlessly blending creativity and market insight, my goal was to establish a visual language that resonates with the brand’s ethos and captivates the diverse audience in the targeted regions.


Saybeau Cosmetics


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The Saybeau project exemplifies my commitment to turning creative visions into tangible, market-ready assets. It showcases my proficiency in strategic brand development, product design, and the ability to create a cohesive digital presence. I look forward to contributing to the continued success of Saybeau as it takes its place in the competitive landscape of the cosmetic industry.

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