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Pounce Agency operates as a digital marketing agency, focusing on delivering innovative digital solutions and adept event management services in two countries: Australia and Malaysia. During the period of February to July 2023, I had the privilege of serving as a senior designer at their Sydney studio. My primary responsibility was to contribute to their ambitious rebranding and repositioning efforts. Below I present some highlights of my work and creative concepts for this significant undertaking.

Buisness Cards

Incorporating the fresh brand and logo, which showcases six novel shapes and a striking uppercase logotype representing the brand name, I developed a captivating business card concept. These cards were intended to be printed on translucent material, adding a unique touch to the overall design. The process involved careful consideration of various factors, and I presented a well-thought-out approach to the design, ensuring an impressive final result.

Website Redesign

Following the rebranding, Pounce recognized the need for a fresh website to align with its new identity. Before my involvement, the team had attempted various concepts, but none of them truly captured the essence of the old brand’s space. Then, when Maísa Machado, Pounce’s head of creative, unveiled the new logotype and shapes, I proposed the idea of crafting a GSAP-heavy website. Maísa took the lead in designing most of the main pages, while I took on the responsibility of creating and designing the case studies page, along with preparing an image mood board. Additionally, I designed several dynamic elements, including the rotating logo in the navigation header bar and the incorporation of shapes throughout the new site.


The revamped design for Pounce’s monthly EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) targeted at its core customers heavily embraces the carefully chosen colors and shapes by the team. With a strong emphasis on the new brand identity, the EDM will now exude a fresh and captivating visual appeal that resonates with the essence of Pounce.

Design Concepts and Mood boards

During the website design phase, a diverse range of creative ideas and innovative concepts were explored and meticulously compiled into mood boards. Each mood board featured compelling bylines and new copy, representing Pounce’s core values. The process involved seamless collaboration within the design team, integrating the chosen colors and shapes from the rebranding to deliver a visually captivating and message-driven website that deeply resonates with the target audience.

The thoughtfully curated mood boards not only showcased captivating aesthetics but also served as a storyboard for the website’s development. Through powerful visual elements and purposeful messaging, the boards provided a cohesive framework for the design and development team to follow.

Below is a compilation of all my designs and contributions to the mood boards.

Project Details

Both Maísa and I devoted ourselves to the design process, tirelessly crafting and refining one concept after another. We diligently presented our ideas and sought approval from the agency owners, ensuring that every element met their vision and standards.

As a pivotal part of the rebranding journey, Maisa and I also played a significant role in selecting the brand colors, which symbolized the vibrancy, passion, and unwavering commitment that Pounce aimed to offer its esteemed clients. These carefully chosen colors became the embodiment of the agency’s values, infusing energy and personality into every aspect of the brand’s identity.

In addition, I made the decision to use GT Welsham as the primary typeface across all marketing collateral and the website. This particular typeface was selected to represent the very essence of Pounce’s values, creating a harmonious and cohesive visual identity that reinforced the agency’s dedication to providing exceptional services to its clientele.

Our combined efforts, attention to detail, and thoughtful decision-making culminated in a rebranding success that brought the agency’s vision to life and left a lasting impression on both clients and industry peers.


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