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Web Development, UI

After years of contemplating a unique design to showcase my photography, I was finally inspired. Within just 24 hours, I conceptualized a layout that breaks away from the conventional look of typical photography websites. In just one week, I brought this vision to life by creating a mock-up in Figma, implementing it with Elementor, and carefully curating and organizing my photo collections. I am truly impressed with the results, and the site functions flawlessly on all devices.

I found inspiration for this layout by reviewing older photo books. The focus was on creating a grid-based design to showcase my work. The challenge was organizing extensive albums from my collection. With the help of the Elementor page builder’s grid and flex updates, I was able to bring my vision to life. The result is a pixel-perfect design that allows for easy back-end updates to each album. This streamlined process ensures a seamless display on the front end.

For the headline font, I chose the elegant typeface Normatica. It perfectly complements the ambiance of my photos and achieves the desired aesthetic. Normatica strikes a balance by enhancing the visuals without overpowering them. This allows the photos to take center stage without unnecessary competition for attention.




Web Development, UI


UI/UX, CSS, WordPress, Elementor, Dynamic Content, Template Build, FIGMA Design, Sketch Prototyping, Animation, Photography, Typography, Graphic Design

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Strategy, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Information Architecture


1 week

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Thanks to my extensive knowledge of WordPress and Elementor, I was able to achieve a remarkably quick turnaround on the project!

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