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Client Overview

Msea Underwater is a prominent Sydney-based company specializing in underwater solutions. Our core services encompass boat cleaning and repair, domestic pool services, and general wharf piling. They pride themselves on delivering top-notch expertise and excellent customer satisfaction in all aspects of underwater maintenance and support.

Project Details

The initial concept and design were skillfully crafted using Figma, ensuring a well-thought-out representation of Msea Underwater’s identity and specialty. Additionally, all the photos were treated to enhance their visual impact and make them more appealing to viewers.

After completing the design phase, the project was transitioned to the web developer, who diligently built the website according to the design specifications. The collaboration between the design and development team ensured the successful realization of the envisioned website, resulting in a professional and engaging online platform for Msea Underwater.


Pounce Agency


Web Development, UI and Wordpress Development. Dynamic Content.


FIGMA Design, Photography, Typography, Graphic Design, Design Guide

Services Provided:

Strategy, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Information Architecture


1 week

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I incorporated a distinct look and feel into the design that perfectly reflects Msea Underwater’s specialty in underwater solutions. To reinforce their expertise, I strategically integrated underwater icons throughout the design, carefully chosen to align with their brand identity.

Moreover, their logomark was prominently featured across the site, ensuring consistent branding and strengthening their identity throughout every page. The combination of these design elements resulted in a cohesive and captivating website that effectively showcases Msea Underwater’s unique offerings and establishes a strong brand presence in the market.

Waves were cleverly used as a dynamic device to separate sections of the content, adding visual appeal and enhancing user experience.

As someone with a photography background, I utilized my skills to enhance otherwise dull and flat-looking photos in Lightroom, bringing out their full potential and making them visually dynamic and eye-catching!

I made sure to design the website to be fully responsive, so it would work properly on a variety of devices. To ensure that the fonts looked good at different screen sizes, I used a new method for scaling them that involved calculating the main root size based on the viewpoint size.

Art, Installation
photography, poster design