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Client Overview

Jody Kahlon is a skilled tailor who specializes in creating high-end clothing for women. She owns and operates her own shop and studio in the inner southeastern suburbs of Melbourne. In 2019, I had the opportunity to work with Jody to modernize and revitalize her brand, with a particular focus on her online presence. At the time, her website and marketing materials were in need of an update, and I was eager to help.

Project Details

To help Jody showcase her work, I built a catalog system that included a portfolio-style showcase feature. I used WordPress to create Custom Post Types, Elementor as the main page builder to build templates, and Advanced Custom Fields to manage dynamic data. The website relies on two main template files, with dynamic fields created using ACF that are placed within content blocks or sections. These section blocks can be called upon as needed, depending on the data that is passed through each field.

In terms of design, I selected fonts that matched Jody’s aesthetic and chose a color palette that was soft yet stylish, in keeping with her overall brand image.


Jody Kahlon (Self-Initiated)


Web Development, UI and Wordpress Development. Dynamic Content.


UI/UX, CSS, Wordpress, Elementor, Dynamic Content, Template Build, Sketch Prototyping, Typography

Services Provided:

Strategy, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Information Architecture, Product Photography, In-Studio Photography



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Jody’s clothing is characterized by geometric shapes, which served as the main inspiration for the “window shapes” aesthetic featured throughout her website. To bring this concept to life, I experimented with using shape dividers, but the final design ended up looking somewhat template-like.

To add some visual interest and uniqueness to the site, I decided to create SVG shapes in Illustrator to use as masks over images. This resulted in a complex layout design that had to be carefully optimized for smaller screens to ensure it displayed properly.

One aspect of the website that Jody particularly appreciated was the appearance of the hero sections. To achieve a cohesive look that matched Jody’s personal style, I used a combination of different fonts throughout the hero sections.

I made sure to design the website to be fully responsive, so it would work properly on a variety of devices. To ensure that the fonts looked good at different screen sizes, I used a new method for scaling them that involved calculating the main root size based on the viewpoint size.


Shapes were created and then added through elementor.

Archive Work, Motion Graphics
Fabric Design
Branding, Package Design, Product Design