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The Portfolio of Diego De Nicola

Stationary & Branding

Jody Kahlon
Creative Director and Editor

To ensure consistency in Jody Kahlon’s stationery with her new branding, I created a media pack. The pack consisted of 500 business cards, an invoice pad, a door decal, and an a-board sign.

Buisness Cards

I created visually appealing business cards that perfectly matched Jody Kahlon’s aesthetic.

Invoice Sheets

I designed invoice sheets printed on recycled paper with a mid-century style inspired by the early 1960s. Although we explored some concepts to relax Jody’s brand (as shown in the last image), we ultimately chose not to pursue them to prevent any confusion with the new logo.

A Board

Black PVC wood carved with 3d laser.

I utilized the font chosen for Jody’s new marketing materials and incorporated colors that matched her usual palette for her clothing. This presented a favorable chance to align the door decal with Jody’s overall brand aesthetic.



Jody Kahlon


Creative Director and Editor


Branding, Logo Design, Stationary, Print, Photography


1 month
The end Result

I successfully achieved the desired look and feel that Jody had been longing for, resulting in her new stationary and marketing collateral accurately reflecting her unique aesthetic and style.

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Digital Art
Branding, Package Design, Product Design