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Stationary & Branding



To ensure that all of Jody Kahlon’s stationery was consistent with her new branding, I designed a media pack that included 500 business cards, an invoice pad, a door decal, and an a-board-type sign.

Buisness Cards

I designed a variety of visually appealing business cards that matched the aesthetic of Jody Kahlon.

Invoice Sheets

I created invoice sheets that were printed on recycled paper and featured a mid-century style reminiscent of the early 1960s. While we considered a few ideas for a relaxation of Jody’s brand (as seen in the last image), we ultimately decided against them in order to avoid confusing the new logo.

A Board

Black PVC wood carved with 3d laser.

Project Details

I used the same font that was selected for Jody’s new marketing materials and incorporated colours that were reflective of her normal palette across her garments. This was a good opportunity to align the door decal with Jody’s overall brand aesthetic.


Jody Kahlon


Creative Director and Editor


Branding, Logo Design, Stationary, Print, Photography


1 month
The end Result

I was able to achieve the look and feel that Jody had been wanting for a long time, resulting in her new stationary and marketing collateral accurately reflecting her aesthetic and style.

Fabric Design