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The Portfolio of Diego De Nicola

Product Photography

Jody Kahlon (Self-Initiated)
Director of photography

Jody Kahlon is a skilled tailor based in Melbourne, specializing in luxury women’s clothing. As part of the website upgrade, her collection required cataloging and photography. I had the opportunity to work on an extensive photoshoot, where I provided direction for each shot. Afterwards, I collaborated with Jody in post-production to showcase her exquisite collection on the web. Here are a few examples of the photos captured during the cataloging process.

Photographing her collection

In order to create Jody’s website, we had to photograph and curate her collection. The collection was arranged in her studio and captured using a Nikon df camera and a Nikon 44-70mm lens.

Window Displays

One standout feature of Jody’s shop is her collaboration with local artists to showcase her latest creations in the window displays. I had the opportunity to photograph the recent displays at night, despite the challenges posed by the shop’s location on a busy road. However, I successfully captured some beautiful shots.

Students + Jody

Jody frequently receives requests from design students in Melbourne who are looking for work experience. She is enthusiastic about sharing her skills with the next generation of designers and is always happy to help. I proposed that Jody should document her interactions with these students and her daily work process on her social media channels. This would not only highlight her mentorship and commitment to supporting young designers but also provide her followers with an exclusive glimpse into her work.

I enjoyed using a variety of cameras, including an iPhone 13 and my Nikon df with a 17-45mm lens, to capture different shots.


Jody Kahlon (Self-Initiated)


Director of photography


Post production, Videography, Photography

Services Provided:

Product Photography, In-Studio Photography, Videography Services


The end result..

Working on this project was a wonderful and fulfilling experience, allowing me to utilize my knowledge and passion for photography. It was a privilege to collaborate with Jody and contribute to the vibrant portrayal of her collection through the catalogued photos.

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