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Jody Kahlon Online Store

Jody Kahlon (Self-Initiated)
Ui Design + Web Dev

After launching Jody’s main website, the next step was to establish an online shop. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Jody had already achieved success by selling masks through the previous version of her site. This accomplishment served as a strong motivation for her to expand her online sales and offer a wider range of products.

The online shop has a similar appearance to the main website, reflecting Jody’s unique and eccentric style in the design of each item page.

A few examples of the Customised product main page and slide out cart.

As per usual, mobile was a priority.

I utilized Woocommerce and Elementor as the primary tools for constructing the online store. Custom Post Types were employed to categorize and organize the main categories and archive templates, providing enhanced flexibility for managing each individual item sold by Jody. This approach also allowed for the creation of distinct templates for each product. To further enhance the capabilities of Woocommerce, I integrated Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and incorporated swatches to add extra functionality to the product items.



Jody Kahlon (Self-Initiated)


Ui Design + Web Dev


UI/UX, CSS, WordPress, Elementor, Dynamic Content, Template Build, Sketch Prototyping, Typography

Services Provided:

Strategy, User Interface Design, User Experience Design


3 weeks
The end result..

The online shop was recently launched, and Jody has experienced a rise in sales since mid to late 2022. More sections will be added to the shop soon.

social media marketing
Digital Art
Branding, Package Design, Product Design