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Exhibition Posters

Georgia Pattos
Art Direction + Design

Georgia Pattos is a Melbourne-based artist who creates jewelry and paintings. Her pieces are organized into several collections, and several of them were featured in an exhibition in New York City in 2019.

Georgia Pattos Posters

I designed posters for Georgia Pattos’ jewelry exhibition during New York Art Week in 2019.

Photographing and cataloging her work

While in lockdown, I began the daunting task of helping Georgia catalog her extensive collection of jewelry, which includes over 900 unique pieces. I photographed 100 of these pieces, and the final images were treated as shown in the examples below

I used Photoshop and Lightroom to enhance the images of Georgia’s jewelry and give them more visual impact, as per her instructions.

I photographed some of Georgia’s collection for the posters and did extensive Photoshop work, including color grading and cleaning up the images of the jewelry. Data entry was also a significant part of the project, as Georgia has over 900 pieces in her collection.



Georgia Pattos


Art Direction + Design


Print, Photography, Typography, Graphic Design


3 days

Another enjoyable project with a great end result for Georgia. I was thrilled to see my posters used for her marketing collateral atIt was a pleasure to work on this project with Georgia, and I was thrilled to see my posters being used for her marketing collateral at the NYC design conference. The end result was very satisfying for both of us. the NYC design conference.

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Digital Art
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