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Fulfilling a long-standing aspiration, I delved into fabric design when Melbourne-based fashion designer Jody Kahlon, a valued client, presented me with a unique challenge. She sought fresh design ideas for her latest creation, expressing difficulty in finding the perfect pattern. Eager to contribute to her vision, I embraced the opportunity to supply her with a range of design concepts. This collaboration not only demonstrated my adaptability and problem-solving skills but also highlighted my commitment to meeting the specific needs of a client within the dynamic realm of fashion design.

Influenced by Japanese prints and with valuable insights from another artist, my creative journey unfolded into a tapestry of designs

My involvement extended beyond Jody Kahlon’s project when Sydney Artist Carolyn Kenrick invited me to collaborate, marking the beginning of another exciting venture (details of which will be explored separately). Immersed in Kenrick’s artistic world, inspiration struck, leading to the creation of the leaves design. This collection comprises four seamlessly repeating patterns in a palette of dark blue, pink, green, and brown.

For the second set of designs, I drew inspiration from the rich tradition of Japanese prints and patterns. Channeling the essence of this cultural heritage, the collection features intricate vector lotus flowers, each delicately filled with subtle patterns. Complementing these focal points are small Japanese fans and elegantly scattered maple leaves, resulting in a harmonious fusion of traditional Japanese aesthetics and contemporary design elements. The meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful color selection characterize these designs, adding depth and cultural resonance to the overall collection.

The color palette for this project was carefully curated, embracing a spectrum of greens, pinks, coral pink, redhues, browns, and blues. These vibrant tones harmoniously resonated with Jody Kahlon’s overarching color scheme for her clothing line. The thoughtful selection of colors not only complemented the designer’s vision but also added a layer of cohesiveness to the fabric designs, ensuring they seamlessly integrated into the broader aesthetic of Jody’s creations

After the completion and approval of the initial designs, a momentous phase ensued — the printing of a strike-off, encompassing all the meticulously chosen color swatches and tiles of the patterns I created. This marked a significant milestone for me, as it was my inaugural experience in printing on fabric. The excitement peaked as I witnessed my creations materialize on Bamboo Viscose fabric, capturing a brilliance that brought pure joy. Seeing the vibrant patterns come to life was not just a professional achievement but a personal delight that underscored the tangible impact of my design journey.

Embracing Mid-Century: Crafting a Palette of Elegance

The second phase of this design journey granted me the opportunity to indulge in my favorite era of design — the timeless charm of mid-century aesthetics. In the initial design phase, I meticulously crafted a series of circles adorned with a color palette reminiscent of the rich and vibrant hues characteristic of this period.

This project is still evolving and new creations will follow shortly.

Collaborating with Diego was truly thrilling, once again. His vision and passion towards the creative process are second to none, and I had the privilege of witnessing this in action throughout the entire process. I genuinely adore his creations and consider myself fortunate to have had inspiring design sessions while working together


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Embarking on Textile Design: A Tapestry of Modern Fusion and Mid-Century Elegance

Through these two distinctive projects, a rich tapestry of creativity unfolded, representing my inaugural foray into fabric textile design. From the seamless fusion of Japanese prints and contemporary design elements to the homage paid to the timeless allure of mid-century aesthetics, these projects epitomize the versatility and depth of my design journey. The meticulous selection of color palettes, the joyous moment of witnessing creations come to life on fabric, and the alignment with the vision of esteemed collaborators like Jody Kahlon and Carolyn Kenrick mark not only professional achievements but personal triumphs in the world of design. Each pattern and hue tells a story, contributing to a vibrant narrative of innovation, inspiration, and timeless beauty woven into the fabric of my first attempt at textile design.

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