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General Overview

ENVIMO is a cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) system that helps businesses deliver exceptional customer experiences. It allows business owners, staff, and customers to browse your catalog, view products, and check real-time stock availability from any device. With ENVIMO, you can easily process customer sales using tap or swipe payment methods. Overall, ENVIMO is a smart and efficient solution for businesses looking to improve their POS capabilities.

Project Details

All handheld Envimo devices in stores are installed with Android as the default OS, so Roboto was used as the main typeface. Avenir was used as the secondary typeface when Envimo was used on an iPad.

The color scheme had been pre-determined, but I introduced terracotta pink as a color for the lower thirds notification bars in the new rewards program that I worked on. This color was chosen because it can evoke a sense of playfulness and reward.”


Apparel 21


Ui Design


UI/UX, CSS, Wordpress, Template Build, App Build, Sketch Prototyping, Typography

Services Provided:

User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Information Architecture


2 years
Intial Phase

Much of the Envimo app had already been built and the main design aesthetic had already been chosen by a previous designer. My role was to update some of the UI components and work on the new rewards scheme introduced in version 7 of the app. I designed and implemented new navigation features with visual indicators to improve upon the previous version.

In addition, I mapped out many of the app screens and created user journey guides, as shown below.

The rewards program

The rewards program was a new feature introduced in a major update for the ENVIMO app. I designed new screens and implemented a new visual alert system to inform staff when a customer they are interacting with is eligible for the rewards program, which has been set up by Apparel 21 across all their systems.

Below is an example of the previous UI navigation, as well as the new navigation and pop-up alerts that I introduced.

In the process of building the app, the development team required various design assets. I provided several new visual elements and created detailed user journey maps to ensure that UX standards and procedures were followed throughout the project.

ENVIMO website

I built a simple one-page website in WordPress to showcase the features of ENVIMO, using an early version of Elementor. This was my first time using a page-building app on a major project, and I found it to be user-friendly and intuitive. I have continued to use Elementor in my projects since then.

You can view the website at envimo.com.au.

Motion Graphics
brochure, print