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The Portfolio of Diego De Nicola

Dynamic Creative Optimisation

Pounce Agency

Dynamic Creative Optimization is a cutting-edge banner concept developed by Pounce Agency. It allows clients to optimize their banner content dynamically. To demonstrate this innovative service, Pounce required an enticing 30-second trailer. As the designer and art director, my role was to create a visually captivating video that would incorporate the compelling copy crafted by our in-house copywriter. Utilizing Pounce’s vibrant color palette and a bold, powerful typeface, I aimed to deliver a powerful and engaging visual experience for the viewers.

Here are some examples of the screens I designed:

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The screens were carefully designed using Figma and Illustrator, creating a seamless and polished appearance. After the designs were finished, they were given to Pounce’s skilled in-house After Effects expert, who skillfully animated them, creating a stunning piece of animation. Working closely together, I also contributed to editing the soundtrack and voice-over, ensuring they perfectly complemented the visuals, resulting in a captivating and cohesive final product. The team’s combined efforts resulted in an impressive and effective 30-second trailer that effectively showcased the power and potential of Dynamic Creative Optimization.



Pounce Agency




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