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Dynamic Creative Optimization is an innovative banner concept pioneered by Pounce Agency, empowering clients to dynamically optimize their banner content. To showcase this groundbreaking service, Pounce needed an alluring 30-second trailer. As the designer and art director, my responsibility was to craft a visually captivating video that would incorporate the compelling copy developed by our in-house copywriter. Drawing on Pounce’s vibrant color palette and employing a bold, powerful typeface, I set out to deliver an impactful and engaging visual experience for the audience.

Below, you can find some examples of the screens I designed:

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Project Details

The screens were meticulously designed using a combination of Figma and Illustrator, ensuring a seamless and polished look. Once the designs were complete, they were handed over to Pounce’s talented in-house After Effects wizard, who skillfully brought them to life, producing a stunning piece of animated brilliance. Collaborating closely, I also contributed to the editing of the soundtrack and voice-over, ensuring they complemented the visual elements perfectly, resulting in a captivating and cohesive final product. The combined efforts of the team resulted in an impressive and effective 30-second trailer that effectively showcased the power and potential of Dynamic Creative Optimization.


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