Disability Options Australia



Disability Options Australia is an organisation raising awareness and promoting supports and services to the people who need them most. They believe in taking action with urgency and supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of others.

Logo Design

In 2022, they undertook a fresh rebranding endeavor. The objective was to create a new logo that resonated with their core values while incorporating colors that fostered inclusivity. To achieve this, I took a previous concept from the design phase, revamped it, and implemented a new typeface for a more polished look. Additionally, I infused the symbol with the bold and vibrant colors that I carefully selected to match their vision.

Graphic Elements

To ensure consistent branding across all images, sections of the new logo were strategically overlaid onto the chosen images. This dynamic approach effectively integrated the new logo and brand elements into every picture used, maintaining a cohesive and recognizable visual identity.

Brand Guidelines

After incorporating all the newly designed elements of the brand, I proceeded to create a comprehensive digital brand guideline and a set of rules. These guidelines served as a blueprint to ensure the new branding’s strength and consistency across all devices and marketing collateral. By providing clear instructions on logo usage, color schemes, typography, image overlays, and other brand elements, the guidelines empowered all stakeholders to implement the brand cohesively and effectively across various platforms and materials. This approach aimed to create a unified and impactful brand experience for the audience while maintaining a strong brand identity.

Project Details

The logo was meticulously crafted using Adobe Illustrator, taking advantage of its vector-based design capabilities to achieve precision and scalability. The selected images were enhanced and edited in Adobe Photoshop, employing various techniques to ensure they harmonized seamlessly with the brand’s visual language. As for the digital brand guidelines, I utilized Figma, a powerful design and prototyping tool, to create a comprehensive and interactive document. Figma allowed me to present the guidelines in a user-friendly format, enabling easy access, navigation, and collaboration among team members, ensuring the new branding remained strong and consistent across all digital platforms and marketing materials.


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Senior Designer


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Services Provided:

Strategy, Brand Guidelines


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