BNI Brochure

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BNI Australia is a rapidly expanding business referral group dedicated to empowering its members to excel in their respective professions and industries. Their primary objective is to assist businesses in acquiring new clients. To align with their evolving brand direction, they sought updated marketing collateral. As part of this initiative, I created a visually captivating new brochure that showcased modern geometric shapes and a refreshed color palette.

Old Brochure Bni Showcase 4

The dots in the design symbolize the convergence of dynamic shapes, representing the essence of networking. By coming together, they embody the collaborative spirit and interconnectedness that define effective business relationships and referrals within the BNI Australia community. The design seeks to visually capture the idea of unity and the power of working together towards mutual success.

Some more page examples.

Project Details

Figma and Illustrator were skillfully employed to create the visual elements, while Adobe InDesign served as the proficient platform for compiling the final product. This seamless integration of software ensured that the brochure achieved a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, resulting in an impressive marketing collateral that perfectly showcased the new direction of BNI Australia.


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FIGMA Design, Branding, Stationary, Print, Typography, Graphic Design


4 days
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