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Apparel 21 Website

Apparel 21 (employed)
Design & Development
Client Overview

During my tenure at Apparel 21, I was responsible for revamping and enhancing the company’s primary website. Additionally, I developed a blog-style platform for their weekly news updates and product release changelogs. Apparel 21 is a renowned software company specializing in the creation of point-of-sale (POS) systems for retail establishments, with a particular focus on the fashion industry. As a member of the marketing team, I utilized WordPress to construct these websites.

Built-in WordPresss using dynamic custom fields

I developed high-definition mockups with Sketch and utilized them to construct the primary framework templates in Elementor. Subsequently, I implemented conditional logic for the custom fields using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) within the Elementor templates. This enabled me to generate dynamic fields based on the approved designs.

I have improved the backend by incorporating custom fields through ACF. This has eliminated the need for manual entry of content on each template page and post, resulting in more consistent pages. By connecting Elementor templates to dynamic fields using ACF, I have established a more streamlined system for updating the site.

I opted for a two-grid box design, as demonstrated in the examples below. This design offers the advantage of stacking neatly on smaller devices, ensuring effortless management and viewing of data across all devices.

The site showcases prominent hero images and utilizes large typography elements in its design. Sliders are employed to display dynamically updated news and calls to action (CTA) from the WordPress dashboard. Dynamic elements, including sliders, are also utilized to effectively convey the site’s message.

In order to maintain daily updates of new product releases on the website, I implemented a dynamic content management system (CMS). WordPress was selected as the platform, and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) was utilized to create user-friendly forms for inputting and displaying data on the templates I developed.

Great care was taken to follow Apparel 21’s established style guide, ensuring consistency in color scheme and fonts across the entire website.



Apparel 21 (employed)


Design & Development


UI/UX, CSS, WordPress, Elementor, Dynamic Content, Template Build, Sketch Prototyping

Services Provided:

Strategy, User Interface Design, User Experience Design


2 years
social media marketing
Digital Art
Branding, Package Design, Product Design