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The Portfolio of Diego De Nicola

photography portfolio

Client: Year: Role: Link: View Project After years of contemplating a unique design to showcase my photography, I was finally inspired. Within just 24 hours, I conceptualized a layout that breaks away from the conventional look of typical photography websites. In just one week, I brought this vision to life by creating a mock-up in […]


Client: Year: Role: Link: View Project Client Overview It’s Friday, a creative agency based in Sydney, needed a website overhaul. Using Elementor, I efficiently designed and built the new website in just over a week! Client: Pounce Agency Role: Web Development, UI and WordPress Development, Elementor, Dynamic Content Skills: CSS, WordPress, Elementor, Dynamic Content, Template […]

Pounce Agency

Client: Year: Role: Link: View Project Pounce Agency is a digital marketing agency that specializes in providing innovative digital solutions and event management services in Australia and Malaysia. From February to July 2023, I had the honor of working as a senior designer at their Sydney studio. My main role was to contribute to their […]

social media banners

Client: Year: Role: Link: View Project As an employee at a marketing agency, I crafted banners for various platforms, including social media. This was an important part of my role. While at Pounce, I didn’t create a large number of banners, but I was trusted with working on two online campaigns for multiple clients. 12 […]


Client: Year: Role: Link: View Project Client Overview Msea Underwater is a leading company based in Sydney that specializes in underwater solutions. Our services include boat cleaning and repair, domestic pool services, and general wharf piling. We are proud to offer exceptional expertise and ensure excellent customer satisfaction in all aspects of underwater maintenance and […]

jody kahlon online store

Client: Year: Role: Link: View Project After launching Jody’s main website, the next step was to establish an online shop. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Jody had already achieved success by selling masks through the previous version of her site. This accomplishment served as a strong motivation for her to expand her […]

jody kahlon website

Client: Year: Role: Link: View Project Client Overview Jody Kahlon is a talented tailor specializing in high-end women’s clothing. She owns and operates her own shop and studio in Melbourne’s inner southeastern suburbs. In 2019, I had the privilege of collaborating with Jody to enhance and rejuvenate her brand, with a specific emphasis on her […]

longbow website

Client: Year: Role: Link: View Project Client Overview Longbow Group is a Melbourne-based housing construction company that specializes in finance and insurance. In 2020 (prior to the COVID-19 pandemic), they contacted me through a previous lead to design and build a new website that would better align the company with Melbourne’s thriving housing market, and […]

ap21 website

Client: Year: Role: Link: View Project Client Overview During my tenure at Apparel 21, I was responsible for revamping and enhancing the company’s primary website. Additionally, I developed a blog-style platform for their weekly news updates and product release changelogs. Apparel 21 is a renowned software company specializing in the creation of point-of-sale (POS) systems […]

Solidrok Constructions

Client: Year: Role: Link: View Project Solidrok Constructions was a construction company specializing in concrete pouring, located in Melbourne, Australia. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, they offered their services for various construction projects in the Melbourne area. In 2018, they approached me to enhance their online presence, particularly their website. Utilizing ACF, Elementor, and WordPress, […]