Dynamic Creative Optimisation

The Portfolio of Diego De Nicola Dynamic Creative Optimization is an innovative banner concept pioneered by Pounce Agency, empowering clients to dynamically optimize their banner content. To showcase this groundbreaking service, Pounce needed an alluring 30-second trailer. As the designer and art director, my responsibility was to craft a visually captivating video that would incorporate […]

envimo video shorts

The Portfolio of Diego De Nicola While working on the ENVIMO app, we were asked to create a new presentation video that could be used at conferences and other events to showcase the app’s features and benefits. The goal of the video was to provide an overview of ENVIMO and its capabilities. https://diegodenicola.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Render_1920x1080_full_hd.mp4 Project Details […]