A true veteran in the game, Diego has amased over two decades of experience..


Hi I’m Diego!

As a visual designer, UI designer, and web developer, I specialize in visual conceptualization, problem-solving, and visual communication. With over two decades of experience in the industry, I have helped a variety of clients create timeless and meaningful design solutions that have a clear purpose and value. Whether it’s designing a website, creating a brand identity, or developing an app, I am dedicated to delivering high-quality work that meets my clients’ needs and exceeds their expectations.

I am passionate about designing pixel-perfect websites that are visually stunning and easy to use. I offer a bespoke service that allows me to create unique designs that are tailored to each of my clients’ needs. I believe that in today’s crowded online marketplace, it is more important than ever to stand out from the competition, and I strive to create designs that are both visually appealing and functional. Whether you are a small business, a nonprofit, or a large corporation, I have the skills and experience to help you achieve your online goals.

I follow a structured process when working on projects with my clients, starting with initial consultations to understand their needs and goals. From there, I create a UX map to plan out the user experience and identify any potential challenges. Once we have a clear direction, I move on to the conceptual phase, using tools like Sketch to create detailed layouts. I also use collaboration tools like Trello, Canva, and InVision to share and discuss changes with my clients in real-time. This approach allows me to deliver high-quality work that meets my clients’ needs and exceeds their expectations.

Technical Skills & Services

I have embraced the use of page builders within the WordPress ecosystem in recent years, allowing me to create efficient and streamlined user experiences. By combining the power of Elementor with Advanced Custom Fields, I have been able to build powerful web applications that deliver a seamless user journey without sacrificing design. This approach has proven to be highly effective, and I have received excellent feedback from clients who have experienced the benefits firsthand.

I strongly believe in the value of clean, functional, and aesthetically pleasing design. This principle guides my work, and I strive to create designs that not only look good but also serve a practical purpose and enhance the user experience. I have been an advocate for this approach for many years, and it is something I continue to prioritize in my work.

In addition to web design, I offer a range of services that cover the full spectrum of my design capabilities. These services include:

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Visual Design

+ Graphic Design Services
+ Marketing Collateral
+ Stationery & Print
+ Exhibition

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UI/UX Design

+ Content Architecture
+ Web Development
+ Design Systems

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+ WordPress Installation
+ Template Development
+ Elementor Template Design
+ Dynamic data Website

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Spatial Design

+ Documentary/Photography
+ Marketing Collateral
+ Installations

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Photography & Motion

+ Post Production/Editing
+ Motion Graphics
+ Event Photgraphy
+ Product Photography


Throughout my career, I have built a diverse photography portfolio that includes a variety of genres, including documentary and fine art. I enjoy using both digital and film photography to capture events, concerts, and everyday moments. I am currently in the process of curating my work and will be sharing more of it in the future.

The Archives

Ive been involved in and out of the online design scene for over two decades. That seems like two whole lifetimes ago in the online space, such is the immense speed of change, and trying to keep up can sometimes be a challenge.

I have been a designer for close to 20 years and have included some examples of my earlier work from the 2000s below. Please note that much of the commercial work from this time may not be suitable for current viewing due to its age.

I am always eager to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and developments, so in my free time I enjoy reading industry blogs and subscribing to RSS feeds to stay informed. With so much change and innovation happening constantly in the online design world, it’s important to stay current and not fall behind.

I am open to new projects and opportunities for collaboration.

Archive Work, Motion Graphics
Web UI